Monday, 21 November 2011

You know, I'm really not that great at recommendations

Sure, I'll take a few and some I really like, The Hunger Games was a recommendation from me by my librarian. But usually, when people send me links to webcomics, books, TV series, videos etc that they like, I just don't care. If it's something short that I can take a look at quickly like a YouTube video or a page of a webcomic, cool beans, but bar that, if it's not something *I* found, then I don't tend to care. Of course, like I said, there are exceptions, and if somethings catches my eye and you've sent it to me, I will take a look. And I'm not trying to discourage y'all from sending me cool shit, just saying that I won't necessarily look at it.

~Random rambly riffraff at half past midnight from Leonidas

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