Saturday, 28 January 2012

Non-conformism (once more) - When it becomes conformism

I think that for now, at least, this is the last time that I touch on this subject, but I promised a third part and here it is.

The Esoterium of Elliotus

Go there. Nao.

So an epic friend of mine started a blog, apparently inspired by mine, so I wanted to write a post telling y'all that there's a new blogger on the block! :D. Go check him out in a bit, and stay tuned on Esototus for when he puts moar stuff up ^.^.

~Love Leonidas

Thursday, 26 January 2012

Non-conformism (again)

Thirty years ago, it would - I am told - have been fairly normal for a black person to be referred to as a nigger, and for a gay person to be arrested. Today, "things are different" in developed countries - racism is more subtle and less socially acceptable, and anti-gay bigotry is also rendered more subtle. Both are still problems, and where discrimination has "disappeared", new forms of discrimination have cropped up in its place.

You know, I really didn't do things the right way around.

When I started school in Year 7, I was a real goody two shoes, genuinely terrified of the idea of getting a detention, and I went red hot whenever I got told off in any small way whatsoever. I often did my homework on the day, once got a positive referral, and usually revised really well, artfully, too.

As I got through school, got a few detentions and got used to teachers telling me off, and once I started to realise just how much I despised the academic system, I got lower and lower, until I've reached the point I am now: apathetic about exams, doing sporadic work that is invariably last-minute if not in class, forgetting about a lot of my homework...

I really should have done it the other way around: started out crap and got better.

Ah well.

~Love Leonidas

Tuesday, 24 January 2012


So a friend of mine has a friend that - while being civil to me - hates me. It's little bother to me as I'm not huge on him in the first place, but what's curious is why he hates me, and that my friend dislikes the same thing about me.

Sunday, 22 January 2012

I don't like this

I'm tired of this constant feeling of uninspiration, ideas flowing out of me slower than the human race becomes sensible. I'm tired of this constant sporadic anger that just comes generally out of nowhere, even after the happy times. I'm tired of something that isn't even a big deal at all and shouldn't be, but because I don't know how to deal with exams, it is. I'm tired of being a disorganised, lazy procrastinator and not having the will to do a damned thing about it. I'm tired of being tired. I'm tired of not caring.

I don't like this. This is shit.

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