Saturday, 20 August 2011

LGBT - Coming Out

It's odd, really. I enjoy blogging a lot, because it's great fun, regardless of the small demographic, but I never show my parents my blog... because I talk on it about the fact that I'm bisexual. And the odd thing here is, well, everyone knows it. I'm openly bisexual, but, I'm not open about it with my parents. Here's the kicker: they already know.

Monday, 15 August 2011


I'm troubled.

I normally tell people not to be closed-minded. Do I follow that maxim myself? I doubt it. This isn't something I only just started thinking about, but I was reminded of it when I randomly came across a song that I really liked, and it made me think... "Just how many songs are there that I like?" There's only one genre of music that I really like: classical. I don't listen to anything else.

Is it closed-mindedness, is it apathy? Either way, I'm not always a very adventurous person.


It's pervasive, y'know. I wanna know, what do you guys do when you're bored? Do you have a fail-safe for such situations? Or do you just ride it out til the next day?

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