Saturday, 8 October 2011

When it comes to real-life arguments

If you talked to me about something like religion, or perhaps philosophy, or LGBT, or ethics, or some issues like that, I could probably have a discussion with you for a while on it. If you were arguing against something I am for or vice versa, I'd probably be able to have a cogent debate with you for a while on the matter. But that's in text, on screen, where I have the luxury of time and the internet at my disposal. When it comes to real-life arguments, I find it so much harder.

Update - No, I haven't died.

Just been slightly inactive, is all. The reason I didn't write anything last weekend was because frankly, it was a shit weekend, I felt so bored and crap and tired et al. that I didn't really have the energy to write. And then the reason I didn't post anything til the next posting day is because I was simply completely dried up on ideas for things to talk about. So basically, I'll be writing as soon as I've something to write ;).

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