Welcome to the comic section, friends :). I've decided that every Tuesday I'll put up a comic here, in addition to the Saturday weekly blog post, to stretch whatever artistic wings I may (or may not) have ^_^.

10/01/12 - Huh.

03/01/12 - *Sigh*

You can probably tell I wasn't feeling fantastic when I drew this one.

27/12/11 - The Murder Scene

20/12/11 - XKCD spoof satire comedy google trends 1girl10000cups 2girls(5+3i)cups lol fail

13/12/11 - Self-reference

6/12/11 - The Hilbert Hotel

Apologies for the poor quality, this was made on a graphics tab, as opposed to my usual method of making it geometrically using squircley things on Paint :).

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