Hear ye, hear ye... why ye? Why not me, or mine? Doesn't "Ye" mean "You"?

Oh, yeah, right.

Hear ye, hear ye, I hath herein dedicated a page to the awesome things that one finds in perambulations of the internet! Within these sacred halls destitute blog pages lie comics, social networks, comedy sites, etc. that I thought were kick-ass!

www.facebook.com - Says it all, really.

www.queerattitude.com - This is an absolutely AMAZING LGBT site. I highly recommend checking it out even if you're not part of the LGBT community, they're a great, open forum for everyone, with a particular focus on LGBT :)

www.blurtit.com - This is actually a really good Q&A site, just that nobody knows about it...

www.icanhazcheezburger.net - If you're bored, tired, upset, depressed, and in need of cheering up... just take a look at some of the random shit here.
www.smartphowned.com - See above

www.explosm.net - Home to Cyanide and Happiness, champion of dark humour comics
www.hyperboleandahalf.com - The blog of Allie Brosh, the adorable comic artist who uses the Mac equivalent of MS Paint as a medium.
www.girlyyy.com - Probably the only webcomic I've ever seen that begins with someone getting shot into space and someone getting hit by a giant dildo.
www.theoatmeal.com - Boredom: meet Matthew Inman, epic web designer and comic artist.

www.ethjade.wordpress.com - The blog of a very close friend of mine, wherein you can find probably one of the best story ideas I have EVER seen.
http://www.tabithasuzuma.com/#/blog/4553611075 - Tabitha Suzuma is an amazing author and a friend of mine, and now she has a blog! Check it outs :D.
http://theplacewheremythoughtsgo.tumblr.com/ - Never has a more flamboyant prose been seen than that of Frances Meeker.
http://hibabymusicbox.tumblr.com/ - So I only recently (adding this Dec 2011) learned that my best friend Steph has a blog, and I went on there and loved it :D. So I wanted to include this to my favourites ^^.

www.oeis.org - It's perversely awesome, seeing such a large collection of what is essentially sequences of numbers.

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