Friday, 11 November 2011

Charity and transgenderism

Something that's always been an object of curiosity to me is the question of charity: what's the most important cause, what should you donate to? Others like to get into the Kantian line of arguments: you should donate to charity out of a sense of duty, and not out of self-gratification or any other motivation than this motivation. I don't personally go for the latter; £1,000 for Comic Relief is still £1,000 for Comic Relief whether it was donated by a selfless man wishing to help people's quality of life or by a business for the sake of looking good.

Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Mah birthday!

Long story short, I had an AMAZING birthday :D <3. There, you can stop reading here if you so desire ;).

Monday, 7 November 2011

For Luma

I woke up on Sunday in the afternoon to be told by mum that she had rubbish news. I sat up and didn't say a word, looked at her face, noticed the tears; possibilities ran through my head: Had her boyfriend dumped her, had she lost someone? No, we both had. I woke up to be told my poor cat Luma had been run over.

Two years ago, on November the 5th, my beautiful cat Neo went missing when she ran away on Fireworks night, scared off, doubtless, by the fireworks. This year, we made sure that wasn't going to happen; kept Luma in to make sure he couldn't get out and run away; that worked. And then he was killed by a car the next day. I don't believe in God or fate but I know bad luck when I see it.

Luma was such a beautiful thing. He was a complete ditz; black, short-haired, with the odd cat eyes that can go so easily from green to yellow to orange. He was never a big thing, but he was infamous; he would scare off other cats, attack my godfamily's dog, break into peoples homes and steal their cats food, we even heard reports of him waking up a then irate man by jumping on him and attacking their cat with no provocation. The thug <3.

I loved Luma as I loved all my cats, and I'll miss him a lot. He went by a great deal of nicknames: Jingly, Evil, Moron, Pillock, Blackie, Bella, Stupid, Lumalee, Lumanescence, Devil, Satan, Smelly... they were all affectionate, of course (although we can hardly claim he was a saintly cat ;)...) but I'll always remember him for what I named him. Anyone who's played Super Mario Galaxy will remember the Lumas; cute and adorable little stars. Well, that's what Luma was, a cute and adorable star.

I'll miss you, my little puss. You were the sweetest, stupidest, adorablest cat, and I love you.

In memory of Luma. My best birthday present yet.

~Love and Memories Leonidas

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