Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Mah birthday!

Long story short, I had an AMAZING birthday :D <3. There, you can stop reading here if you so desire ;).

My party will be on Saturday, so I'll talk about that then ;). My beautiful best bezzie Minya came around and we had fun (NO NOT THAT WAY); we ate and played Monopoly and Scrabble and talked and snuggled and had so much fun :D! I got a bunch of awesome stuffs! Chocolate, ofc, lots of money (though I didn't ask for it!) a book about Bermuda Triangle, an advent calendar, a Michael McIntyre DVD, an origami kit, the DS game Okamiden which I've been wanting for AGES :D, and an air hockey set, and clothes ^^. I also got a soroban, which is a Japanese abacus; used for calculating; it's so pretty and I can't wait to learn to use it fluently! It's a popular sport among children in Japan, calculating using the soroban, and they often go on to anzan, which is mental calculation using an abacus in your head, and is apparently faster than a soroban or a calculator!

I've got more on the way and I can't frigging wait, for that, or for MAH PARTEH! Gon' be friggin awesome! Invited a lot of people, planning a sleepover :D <3. So excited! I may be seeing a film then too ^_^.

Oh, I forgot to mention: I'M SIXTEEN TODAY. FUCK YEAH. So excited that I'm finally 16, I'm legal and everything, there are so many possibilities :D. S'like, WOOP, yeah :D <3.

The world awaits. Sixteen years old I am.

Fuck, you're all doomed <3.

~Love and happiness and hexadecimal joy from Leonidas!

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