Friday, 22 July 2011


Ah, so beautiful at this hour. And so tired. I really shouldn't be staying up so late with school and all but I'm one of those peeps who can't be bothered to go to bed until I absolutely feel I must.

This post was so short to the point of being pointless but, whatever :).


Tuesday, 19 July 2011

The joy of writing

So, I got my results back on my English assessment today. 20/20 (squee!) The awesome part is, I've got full marks in the past couple of assessments too. The most recent one was a relatively simple task: write an editorial on a subject that you hate. This was a follow-up from the previous two adjacent assessments, where we had to explain the same, except in the form of a presentation, then a discussion. In the former assessment, my chosen topic was to take a rip out of the very thing I was undertaking: exams.

Believe me, though I don't actually have many deep-rooted feelings of hatred for our dear friend the examination, I had fun writing that one...

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