Tuesday, 19 July 2011

The joy of writing

So, I got my results back on my English assessment today. 20/20 (squee!) The awesome part is, I've got full marks in the past couple of assessments too. The most recent one was a relatively simple task: write an editorial on a subject that you hate. This was a follow-up from the previous two adjacent assessments, where we had to explain the same, except in the form of a presentation, then a discussion. In the former assessment, my chosen topic was to take a rip out of the very thing I was undertaking: exams.

Believe me, though I don't actually have many deep-rooted feelings of hatred for our dear friend the examination, I had fun writing that one...

But I guess I have fun writing everything I do. Because the thing is, I just plain love writing. Being an author has been my number one desire for a career since I was teensy. Something about taking words and giving them a flow, whether to write a story (which I like to but regrettably have done little of lately,) or to write something like these blogs. My love of writing is part of the reason why I'm writing a blog; words are the best tools we have, and if we use them right, we can achieve anything. See? I used words to try and convince you of the power of words. Aren't they just beautiful?

I don't hate ... all ... exams. Certainly not English ones. The classroom is the perfect place to craft something, because I'm well aware that it'll probably be a long time before I ever get an audience like that afterwards. I read someone talk about how teachers are paid to listen to you and classmates will, in the process of sharing, all get what they make noticed. Move outside of there, and you're like me, talking to noone in particular, with only three followers at the time of writing, but still writing purely for the joy of writing.

Maybe sometimes, you don't need an audience to make magic with words :).


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