Okay, so you can look at my profile here, but I wanted to have a proper About Me page on my blog, which totally wasn't an idea stolen from my friend Frances' blog or anything like that.

So yeah, that thing right below may or may not be Leonidas (hint, it is.) My real name is Leo, and at the time of writing, I'm 15 years old, and I only got into blogging two months ago from the time of writing (13/08/2011) I don't care if I've an extremely small audience, I'm loving it! I am very lazy and often a little behind on things, but I can promise an update every Saturday and at least once during the week. I like to write about myself and the things that fascinate me, which are many!

A few things about me...

I hail from England, I am an atheist with a Christian family (I was at one point a Christian but deconverted when I realised I didn't believe in religion.) I'm proudly and almost fully openly bisexual, I LOVE philosophy and linguistics, and I want to study English literature, English language and philosophy at college.

My favourite colours are red, blue and pink, depending on usage. Red is aesthetically the best, blue is practically the best (ever seen a red room? Looks horrible,) and pink for femininity.

Speaking of which, I am a VERY feminine guy. I have ventured into cross-dressing and let my amazing friends put make-up on me, and I love being a girly guy :).

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