Thursday, 26 April 2012


So they're circulating nominations for the prom now. I'm new to prom tradition and know crap all about the various events, before, during and after, all I can do is go with it and decide who, in fact, has the best bum or is most likely to be a criminal mastermind, or who is the most intelligent. As I think about the phrase "prom nominations" I start to abbreviate it in my head to "prominations," and then I wonder if "prom-nom" wouldn't sound cooler.

The biggest thing is Prom King and Prom Queen. I have no idea who won it last year despite most of my friends being in the year above me, but I hope that whoever wins it this year deserves it.

At first I very much disliked the idea of the prominations. They're weird categories for sure. I mentioned "best bum" and "criminal mastermind", the most dickish one on there was "Most likely to end up on Jeremy Kyle." How shit has that gotta be, receiving an award telling you you've got serious issues and you'll end up needing professional help? Happy promenade, peoples! I also disliked the idea that, at a time when we were all supposed to come together as friends and say goodbye to our school memories, people would be elevated above others; "Most intelligent", "Most attractive", "Prom King/Queen" etc., which I could see causing resentment. I don't like the idea much less now, I've just gotten used to it. It's silly, but fun, I'll admit.

I don't do enough spontaneous blogging. I established this the last time. Also, I've decided I'm going to try to use jump breaks less. Jump breaks are those things where it says "Read more" and then it takes you onto another page. I've been looking at other blogs and it really doesn't look that bad with the whole post on one page, and I shouldn't be posting obscene amounts of text in the first place. Plus, Blogger is really shit at them. It just sucks at line break formatting generally.

Maybe I should try Wordpress.

~Love Leonidas

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