Thursday, 26 January 2012

You know, I really didn't do things the right way around.

When I started school in Year 7, I was a real goody two shoes, genuinely terrified of the idea of getting a detention, and I went red hot whenever I got told off in any small way whatsoever. I often did my homework on the day, once got a positive referral, and usually revised really well, artfully, too.

As I got through school, got a few detentions and got used to teachers telling me off, and once I started to realise just how much I despised the academic system, I got lower and lower, until I've reached the point I am now: apathetic about exams, doing sporadic work that is invariably last-minute if not in class, forgetting about a lot of my homework...

I really should have done it the other way around: started out crap and got better.

Ah well.

~Love Leonidas

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