Friday, 25 November 2011

The confusion over little differences

I have no idea if everyone does this or if I'm alone in my extremely specific dyscalculia, but Zeus knows I still can't grasp the concept of differences.

Ask me how many days between now and Christmas on any day other than today (I can tell you today it's exactly a month until Christmas,) and I'd take a while, because I have to figure out how many days at the end of the month, make that leap, and then count from there. Come December, ask me and I still won't be sure. Let's say you ask me on the 2nd of December. Christmas is on the 25th. 2 to 25. Okay, so 25 take 2 is 23, that'd be my first response, but what if you don't count the 25th, wouldn't it be 22 then? Do you count today, making it 21? Or do you count today up until Christmas making it 22 again? This is the kind of thought process that I have to work through before I give up and count on my fingers "3rd, 4th, 5th..."

It's not specific to dates. Take me to a piano, play the middle C. Then play G. Ask me how many notes are in between. I still can't get it! C, D, E, F, G, those are five notes. If you don't count the top and bottom, those are three. If you count the black notes, that's eight, take one or two whether you're counting the top and bottom notes. 3 to 8... I'm not doing great on accuracy.

I'm just not great at wrapping my head around the most simple of counting; lots of situations are different scenarios; when you're counting days, you don't generally count today, when you're counting notes on a piano, you do factor in the top and bottom notes, how am I supposed to know all this?

But I promise you that I'm not terrible at maths.

2+2=6. See?

~Love Leonidas (12/13 characters... is space a character?)

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