Monday, 16 April 2012

Glockenspiels and the word "aridity"

You know, I don't write nearly enough casual blogs. A lot of people use their blogs as their Facebook, as a "Just stopped in France, having a brill time!" or "Bought this cool new book, can't wait to read it," type thing. I don't do that, I wait until I have a meaningful topic that I think I can offer a decent insight into, or a subject that interests me - hence the aridity of these past few weeks. And to this day I have no idea if it makes a difference that I'm a 16yo blogger who uses words like "aridity." Does my style of writing seriously not put anyone off?

Know what I really want? A glockenspiel. I've mentioned this on Facebook, I'll say it again, more and more I'm certain that, for no discernible reason, I want a glockenspiel. It started with the random idea that "You know, a xylophone would be cool," (and then puzzlement at why so few words started with "xylo", so of course, I researched the origin. Turns out it comes from Greek "xulon", for wood. "Phone" means sound. Wood sound. Love etymology <3¹) And then I looked it up on amazon and saw some glocks for £30 and figured "That's three weeks saving... fuck it, I want a glockenspiel² . I said something to this effect on Facebook and had pointed out the fact that "glock" refers to a make of gun. A popular one, it seems upon research. Though I don't know much at all about guns, I was actually aware of this - Torchwood fan novels make a great deal of references to Glocks. I just don't know or care about the proper shorthand for glockenspiel, so I'm calling it a glock.

That's it, baby. I'm getting a glock. Nobody better fucking come near me or I'ma beat you... a lovely tune. Nah, just wait.

~Love Leonidas

¹I'm becoming aware that I do that a lot, write sentences that miss a lot of the important atoms of meaning. Pronouns, for example.
²Glockenspiels and xylophones differ in that xylophones are made of wood and glockenspiels of metal. It comes from the German "glocken" or bells, and "spiel" which is play. Bell-play. Cute <3.

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