Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Categorisation (and the archive page)

So, usually when it comes to blogging, I pick a subject that I have a decent amount of knowledge on already and give my thoughts on it - a little more tentatively if it's a subject that I haven't encountered a lot. Occasionally, I write a blog on the spot with no forethought as to what it'll contain. Usually, this ends badly, but at the time of writing I decided "Know what... fuck it, I need to write more casual posts, remind people that I have a life, and musings from the top of my head."

I keep an archive. I add every post I write to this archive - it's nothing fancy, it's the fourth tab along, and by this point I've got everything under rudimentary headings. So I write a piece of ramble about glockenspiels and think "Where shall I place this in the archive?" My first instinct is to put it in with the group of blogs I've entitled "Rambly miscellanea" but that got me thinking "Hey, I'm proud of that ramble. That ramble was worth a lot more than any miscellaneum out there." And it got me wondering: am I categorising too obsessively? Should I categorise my blogs at all? XKCD comics don't. To this day, I've never known if anybody actually makes use of my archive, it never occurred to me to ask and I don't think I'll ever find a reason to. I don't know if pigeonholing my blogs is helping anyone, or if it's just my neat-freakiness showing through.

I've been an obsessive labeller for quite a while now. Always I would love to categorise and label things, to fit every little thing in life into my own lil' boxes - which lead to me wanting to create a reverse dictionary, where you look up the meaning and find the word (why aren't there hard copies of those?) For anyone who doesn't play Minecraft: in it you collect lots of unique resources, which you can store in chests - a room entirely dedicated to chests is not an uncommon feature in the house of any Minecrafter, and Zeus I spent a long time organising everything I owned into chests. That's when my label-obsession really shows through.

It can be more than just pettiness, though. A while ago I used to start thinking that I had Asperger's Syndrome, and I was seeing all the signs of it, of course (woo confirmation bias!) It was a good friend of mine who put me right when I was going around telling everyone that I have Asperger's that I shouldn't identify by that label, shouldn't use it to mark me by something that doesn't mean anything about me as a person.

I still do things like that today. Sometimes I think that I'm partly proud to be pansexual simply because I belong to a category.

The ultimate question is: where the heck do I place this post in the archive?

~Love Leonidas

P.S. I've just counted my posts and it looks like this is Post #102. My #100th post was "On the afterlife"

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