Friday, 16 December 2011


Today: I sang. It was friggin awesome :D.

So I've been planning this a while, and didn't tell many people, so it was somewhat of a surprise for quite a few people when I got up on stage and sung The Scientist. I felt pretty confident, so was surprised to find myself shit scared when I got up there, feeling almost sick with nerves. But I sang, and everyone cheered, and lots of people said I was really good which made me feel super-awesome :). Apparently I was even in tune :D! But afterwards, I was shaking like hell. But I've done it. I got up on stage and I SANG, damnit <3.

Leonidas be pleased.

~Love Leonidas

P.S. So it turns out "sang" is the past tense of "sing", and "sung" is the past participle of "sing". So you'd say "I sang," or "I had sung." Just a curiosity that occurred to me when I was about to write this post.

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