Thursday, 20 October 2011

The mystery of FWYNW

It's a real strange thing, FWYNW, a phenomenon that only makes you marvel at the disingenuousness of large businesses who can't be bothered to pay any attention to the finer details of their product because it's so popular that people will still use it anyway. What is FWYNW? It is this.


It's hard to name redeeming features of Facebook chat. As such, this phrase has become a common utterance for me on the internet when irritated at Facebook's constant glitches. It's one thing after another. The current glitches: margin errors resulting in the chat bars sinking so they can't be used; going on groups making chat completely unusable, notifications taking you nowhere or to the homepage instead....

Then the previous glitches were things like going on the message screen, scrolling to the top and being unable to get to the top (fixed with a floating navbar, thank Zeus,) notifications not working *at all*, notifications being sent for things you neither want nor asked to be notified about, and a bunch of issues with chat when they tried to put status updates in the chat menu.

It would be like a person to assume the worst of everyone all the time, so naturally I'm inclined the believe that it's pure neglect, Facebook is just refusing to rectify these really basic fixes that your average secondary school student with an open-book-in-hand understanding of HTML could probably fix. Of course, there could be more to it; problems with their server that's making it difficult to fix any of these glitches; problems with their infrastructure; the rationalisations go on.

But it's also entirely possible that this is a sweet n' simple case of Facebook deciding "Oh lookeh, I'm a big ol' corporation, I can do whaddever the fuck I wan' and geddaway wid' it cuz I'm Facebook and I'm where millions of middle-aged women come to play Farmville every day, so FUCK YOU, BIATCHES." Something to that effect. And it wouldn't surprise me at all. Facebook has done it, RuneScape has done it, and so many other companies still do it. The ones that aren't bigger than Chuck Norris' penis are the ones that get swallowed up in a tide of raeg [sic] when people realise that the company is screwing them over. But that's not even a little concern for Facebook.

Yeah, I use Facebook every single day. All the time. That's me, addicted, way gone. But you don't have to be detached from Facebook to ask the basic question.


~Love Leonidas

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