Tuesday, 2 August 2011

I have had an amazing week so far!

No, nothing serious this time, just some innocent ramblings! <3

So my brother got me into this thing at church (fyi, I'm not religious,) called Activ8. I've always been a little skeptical - about Activ8, not religion - but I went on Monday, and had a frigging amazing time. I didn't know a lot of the people who were going but I did know a lot of the people helping out, especially since my brother helps in the evening sessions. Activate lives up to its name. I have had two very exhausting days (yes, I went today as well.)

Parts are a little cheesy, and there's a little bit of religion in there, but all in all it's just such great fun; sports, games, hanging around and socialising, making utters fools of myself... I believe that today I walked down a makeshift catwalk with clothes made of bean bags, swinging my hips, doing the poses and all. And God, I've never done so much dancing before! (Even though I can't dance.)

Tomorrow's gonna be messy. Seriously, I'm expecting to need a change of clothes... it's gonna be quite something. All I know is that it'll end in a food fight... -shudder-.

Thursday is a trip out doing exciting things which I don't have a clue about but sound fun and exciting! Not something I'd usually do, but screw it! God knows what's happening on Friday.

Ah, such fun <3.


P.S. Wednesday was a food fight. Man I got so messy, it was not pleasant, but it was fun. The shower I had that day lasted a long time.

Thursday was Spectrum. We went swimming, ice skating, bowling... the first was really fun, especially with a diving board, the second was really difficult and painful because I can't skate for sex, and the third was fun. I came third when someone scored a strike on my go by accident.

Friday was the last day. I SANG VIVA LA VIDA. There was a "pantomime" type thing for Activate, which was hugely hilarious, so I got up and performed a song... people got up and danced with me, sung at the "Whooaaa" section of the song, cheered, clapped, and I just felt absolutely amazing.

Saturday was uneventful.

Sunday was a sleepover after a party :). That was fun!

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