Saturday, 30 July 2011

A rumination on ruminations II

One of the last English assessments I undertook was a presentation on something that we hate, for which I chose: people who don't think. My last Business Studies lesson involved having to come up with something which we could talk about for a few minutes and ostensibly "teach the class", again I chose thinking as a topic (although I missed the second part of the lesson because of an assembly, so someone else read it out >_>)

And so I wanted to touch upon it one more time, on a place where there's a (admittedly very small) chance that people might see it.

Fact is, at the end of the day, we don't think half the shit we do through sometimes (and no, I didn't write that verbatim in my English assessment or Business speech.) We ask where to find the toilets when there's a map of the building behind us, or we ask about an unfamiliar word with the Internet at our disposal, or we ask someone to give a specific example in an argument of when X said this or that when most of us don't have perfect memories anyway.

I think sometimes, people underestimate just how important that actually is. And I'm as guilty as everyone else  of doing it, so I'm not going to hit out at people for doing something I do all too often. But it's something we all can learn from :).

I could talk about this subject forever - and I have - but I want to keep this concise! I understand that the few people actually reading this probably don't want to read tiresome essays :). But I think I got the point across.


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