Friday, 17 June 2011

Where would you live in Demos?

The country of Demos is a place where people are happy wherever they reside; but where in particular they reside is the important bit! For Demos is divded into seven states, each built on different foundations; different dreams; different lives.

Where on it would you want to live?

Take Sophos, the state of wisdom, where logic is the rule. A contested decision is brought before the Sophosian government; anyone who can argue their case well will be listened to. Issues of abortion, euthanasia, homosexuality, etc., everything under Sophos is broken down and found to be either logical or not. If it isn't logical, it shouldn't be so; but at least you never see two Sophosians in a heated argument!

Or else the state of Liberas, where all men walk free. Prison is a barbaric and cruel thing in Liberas; obeying the law and being a good citizen matters a lot. Anyone found guilty of a crime only risks being deported to another state to be dealt with. But Liberasians aren't held against their will for things they didn't do and forced to do something that doesn't benefit them or makes them unhappy.

Liberas shares many qualities with its neighbour Fidelia. Fidelians are the kings and queens of trust. You're out of luck if you want a door with a lock, for nobody locks their doors in Fidelia! Respect, trust, and obeying the law are also made very important to Fidelians. There are harsh consequences, though, for those who break the trust that the Fidelian state places on them. Wrongdoers are imprisoned; for that reason, Liberasian law-breakers are often sent there.

But no state cares more for justice than Judis. All crimes are brought before a court, the views of those who are affected either way are all heard, and a panel of the best judges (often Sophosian,) decide on the sentence. Previous rulings are taken into account; the Judisian justice system is like the mind of newborn; learning more about what is right and wrong through every case, absorbing information naturally, building and building upon that until the legal system is the best there is. Judisians will always sleep safe at night.

The sister states of Amoras and Amicas are the social states that centre on society and the connections within. Clubs, restaurants, parks; all places for Amicasians to spend time with other people, build relationships, and to have those social connections. Amoras isn't all that different; the Amorasian government acts in the best interests only of its people. If there's a concern or a dispute, then - like in Sophos - it is brought before the Amorasian government and attempts to settle it peacefully are made.

Lastly, possibly the most haphazard of systems belongs to the state of Felios, where all that matters is that its citizens are happy... however that might be achieved. Provisions are made as best as they can be for those who need them; and a mixture of ideas borrowed from the other states comes into play. Its legal system, for instance, is similar in many ways to Judis's. Sophosian debates are common, too. But however it's done, the life of a Feliosian is a comfortable one, even if people have to work hard to achieve that.

Where on Demos would you want to live?

P.S. I'm not likely to be here on Saturday, which is why I released this today.

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