Saturday, 11 June 2011

A rumination on ruminations

I could say something sensible like "I have a lot planned for this blog", but I'm not a fan of white lies (or am I? PARADOX). But essentially, my approach to blogging will be much like my approach to everything: do it when I feel like it, on random stuff that catches my interest! Read on, though, if you wanna get a more detailed insight into what I might produce!

A friend of mine suggested weekly or at least regular updates. I like that, but realistically, it's unlikely to happen. Even if I do set myself a date, I'm likely to either do one of the following:

  • Stick to it religiously for a few weeks and then get slower.
  • Stick to it religious for a few weeks, then get so impatient at all the stuff I want to post that I churn out two a day.
  • Give up pre-emptively and churn out two a day anyway.
  • Forget the blog exists.
  • Stick to a regular posting schedule with only occasional lapses.
The last is extremely unlikely, given my nature. But I'm not going to run out of things to talk about for a while.

For starters, there are many deep areas which I'm absolutely fascinated by/really love, and I'm probably going to write about those. Par exemple:
-Favourite books of mine, of which there are many.
-Philosophy. Oh boy is that a big'un. I may never run out of things to talk about there.
--Religion. Subset of the above, but nonetheless a fascination of mine that deserves an individual mention.
--Ethics. Never gets tiring. Just more confusing.
-Linguistics. I mentioned in the first post that this is probably my favourite area, joint-first with Phil.
-Law. I didn't use to be that into it until a wonderful friend of mine piqued my interest. I'm not all too knowledgeable about the subject but I still find it interesting!
-Maths. I also mentioned this in the first post as an interest of mine
-The Internet. Huge frigging place, so much going on.
-Current events. Same as above.

I also plan to write a bit about myself and slowly give you guys a better picture of myself - I say slowly, but the chances are I may splurge a great deal onto one post! This could include stuff like:

-Again, books/movies etc. that I'm into
-Leonidas' daily life
-What I love about the world
-What I hate about it - expect to see a few if not many rants!
-School life/The System
-And just various miscellania about myself.

If I do stick to a pattern as regular as any pattern can be, then I might put some of my notes from Facebook on here if I'm feeling unoriginal; as a backlog.

And one last thing: I'm still learning about blogs, but I will try to connect all the social networks I use; Facebook, Y!A, YouTube, et al. So hopefully people who know me will also find this :).

So, that's as brief an overview as I'm capable of writing - note, my definition of "brief" doesn't exactly go hand-in-hand with the dictionary definition - and just an idea of what you can hope to see on the Ruminations of Leonidas! (Henceforth known as ROL or Ruminidas.)

Love, Leonidas!


  1. I only just remembered that you had a blog so I decided to start going through them one by one! :P I really like your style of writing by the way - it's much like your talking is, very sophisticated language and whatnot :)

  2. I like the brief overview. Thanks for sharing


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