Saturday, 15 September 2012

College and colds

At the moment of writing, I’m sitting on a train – no wi-fi, but hey – and boy am I not at favour with public transport. It’s not like it’s done anything to me, like a train came up to me once and smacked me on the face, but every time I go for a train it occurs to me that I’m always running for it. Usually bearing heavy bags, on a bike that may or may not have a fully inflated tyre, on a questionable timescale as to whether I can get to the station in time… the list goes on. They’re better than buses for sure – there’s no traffic, much more secure, goes in one direction and does it quickly, and there’s a lot more stability. But while I can get buses from outside my house or the next road along, the nearest train station is buried some ten-twenty minutes bike-ride away from my house, and I hate travelling in the first place! Thus, trains, buses and the like are generally never happy moments for me.

Though really, I’m just not a morning person. A cold is not the worst illness to be had for sure – there’s flu, fever and life-changing, life-threatening conditions which really gives me little cause for complaint. But that doesn’t change the fact that waking up with a cold in the morning is not the least bit fun. The train I’m on is bound for Brighton, the first leg of the two-part journey to Eastbourne, which is usually easier on the first part than the second, but people are wanting for seats here, too. I’m wondering what’s so attractive about Brighton on the 15th of September.

I should bring something positive into an otherwise depressive blog post. College! Hey! I’ve just gone through my first week of real college (as opposed to the imaginary college I was going to the previous week.) Before you ask: Philosophy, English Language, English Literature and Computing. Philosophy, needless to say, I am loving and finding myself an aptitude for – though truth be told I feel a little ahead. I’m doing my best to master the basics, though, as would any other student. Computing is so much awesome fun – we’re starting on coding in Visual Basic, which I’ve never used before. At present, we’re only writing programs to go onto Command Prompt, but it’s nonetheless very addictive and a great deal of fun. My computing teacher also happens to be my tutor, which helps somewhat – she’s really nice, and Welsh. What more could one want in a tutor? (Saying that though, I much prefer the Irish accent.)

Literature and Language are less “Ohmigodthisissomuchfunwheeeeee” but nonetheless enjoyable – we’re studying Much Ado about Nothing in Literature, which I’m surprising myself by genuinely enjoying.  Shakespearean comedy, by the way – but of course you knew that (I didn’t.)
Language is a little less than I expected, but, early days, and… well, it’s language. Anyone wo knows me know that that is my thing. I’m expecting to come to love it like my own child – something like that, anyway J.

Subject specifics aside, I’m loving the fact that I’m seriously in college – a young adult in a ;place for other young adults. I’m meeting awesome new people, playing Team Hockey (I’m very unfit,) and just generally enjoying the feeling of being in a college. I expect it to be a few months before I start saying the name “Barton Peveril” with a tone of disgust and exasperation, but until that day, I shall proceed with as much dedication and happiness as I can :).

On a side note, I’m very happy I got this train early – I just looked around and people are filling the aisles because there are no seats. The sun is glaring onto the laptop though, which makes me thankful that I can touchtype.

I’ll wrap this up on account of the fact that I’ll probably be arriving in Eastbourne soon, and as soon as I get internet access (yeah,) I’ll publish this and be done with it. It feels good to be writing a blog again though, even if only on Microsoft Word.
All the best from Leonidas <3 .="." o:p="o:p">

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