Thursday, 16 February 2012

You know, Valentine's has to be the most complained about holiday of the year

It's two days from V-Day, I know, but I didn't want to write this right after writing my last post, which was rather a long one, and I thought I might as well get this out there now that Valentine's has settled down.

I'm going to start off by clarifiying my position: Valentine's has never been a problem for me. So this will undoubtedly sway my thinking in this post, but you all know that this is an opinionated blog, so I don't see this as a huge concern as you'll therefore understand that I'm expressing my opinion here.

Every year. Every single time it gets to February 14th, it's the same damn thing. "Oh my God, it's Valentines coming up, oh that's so awful, it's so corporate, the businesses are doing this and that, why should we feel forced to love each other," blah, blah, blah. And unholy-luminescent-banana-eating-dinosaurs does it seem like there's a competition going on around that period every year to see how many times you can fit the words "Single Awareness day" into a conversation. Jesus is that expression a pain in the sanity.

I should clarify something else about myself: I've been through four relationships. All four of them I regret for one reason or another, and to my memory, not one of them has lasted through Feb 14th. I've been single for just about every Valentine's that I remember. Do you see me out there every year, moaning to every person who'll listen about how depraved the holiday is, look at all the fancy couples parading their love every year, grr, the bastards? No.

The thing is, the holiday isn't set up to make people feel jealous. It isn't set up so lovers can parade themselves around town and say "Look at us, look how happy and lovey-dovey we are!" It's just a holiday like any other, a festival where people can be happy, and celebrate. If you have a loved one to spend it with, that's great, do so. If not, then just have fun! Go out with your friends, go bowling or swimming (or drinking if you're old enough and that's your thing,) or shopping, or just invite people over and have a relaxed afternoon with your friends. There's no law prohibiting singletons from being happy on V-Day!

And so often I hear people say "Why do they set aside a day for us to be nice to our loved ones and give them lovely presents and be happy, shouldn't it be like that all the time?" Well, yes, it's true, happiness is there for you to take part in all the time. So what's stopping you on Feb 14th? Is it really that important to complain about it all day? Will that really satisfy you and make you happy, telling people how shit and corporation-centric V-Day is? I don't think it will, I think it just inspires a negative mood that gets people down and makes 14/2 a date for everyone to dread, because that's the day that the unhappy reminder that you're single comes.

So yes, you shouldn't just treat your loved ones extra nice on V-Day... but what's wrong with setting aside a day where you tell yourself that you're going to do so especially? It's a festival, celebrate, take part, have fun, whether you're single, in a relationship, or whatever. There's nothing wrong with a reminder that the world can always use a little more happiness, so why not encourage people to love?

All you people are doing in whining every year about the holiday is spoiling it for those who have someone and want to make a special day with them, or those like me who are content to let be, and have fun no matter what my relationship status, and you're spoiling it for yourselves, too, by creating this horrible, parasitic air of negativity. Take happiness at every opportunity, every little tiny part of the universe from which you can derive happiness - so long as it doesn't hurt anybody.

The most annoying part of it is that this attitude is so prevalent so as to drive me to complain about the complainers. I don't like complaining when it's unreasonable, that's why I'm writing this post. Complain against a valid problem, yes, complain against social injustice or inequality, against discrimination, bullying, harassment, against poor working conditions, poverty, war, terrorism... don't complain against people being happy.

~Love Leonidas

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