Thursday, 9 February 2012

You know, I really don't get why we feel the compulsive need to share every single god-damned aspect of our lives

I'm a blogger who several times a week will write posts telling you guys about some of the things I believe and why, and often carelessly including sensitive information about myself. If you go to my Profile, you will find similar information, probably a reference to my Facebook page. People who are good at searching paper trails would have no trouble at all locating all my various accounts, largely under three or four of the same names, almost all with the same email address, or a similar email format.

I make absolutely no effort to conceal a thing about myself. I shamelessly publicise all sorts of information about myself. Why?

Maybe it's a human thing that amounts to no more than attention. 14 year old girls post public Facebook profiles with photos of them in provocative poses so that an attractive guy will look at them, think "Ohmaigawd SHE'S INTO POWERPUFF GIRLS TOO!!! I must sweep this beautiful maid off of her feet!". 40 year old men who've reached the bored equilibrium in life regularly discuss the book they've been reading, the food they've been eating, their cat, in the hope that they'll find someone slightly more interesting than their favourite shade of tea. 16 year old English teenagers write sporadic, unrestrained blog posts so as to set them up as a well-rounded teen intellectual discussing intelligent things, who is also perchance a lovely guy who would just love to get to know more people.

I can only hypothesise and stereotype. I'm of the belief that we so frequently do what we think we want, because of the benefit we think it will bring to us, so often mistakenly. I post unrestrained blog posts about myself, perhaps in a weird subconscious way of trying to draw people in, when I actually find I hate attention from random strangers, and value far more the love of my close friends.

I don't get these things. To fully understand them would be to fully introspect my own psyche, the way I do things, the reason I do them, and to fully, truly grasp the dark and errant thoughts in your head - which are often far less reputable than one likes to maintain - is a kind of honesty that is very difficult to carry out in practice.

~Love Leonidas

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