Saturday, 5 November 2011

Update: Facebook isn't working, that's why I've not been on

Lemme tell you what happens when I go onto Facebook. I get this sweet sonofabitch:

Whatever I do. Nothing but that. I've clicked EVERYTHING, including, yes, the Log Out button, which does a whole load of fuck-all. And as you can see, the Help button was of no use to me either...

I've found out my profile has actually become unviewable. Noone can see it anything on it, they get a similar message. Which means I've probably been banned. I don't remember doing anything wrong, but hey...

So yeah, Facebook is COMPLETELY unusable to me, I may never see it again... that's why I'm not on.

~Raeg from Leonidas


  1. Good to see you back..and yeah FB does suck :o)

  2. I know, but it is so hard to leave XD. Sodding broken social networking... </3


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