Sunday, 13 November 2011

Party. Fricking. AWESOME

Usually there's no good reason why I post my blogs late, I just plain forget (oops XD) but yesterday, there was a very good reason: MAH PARTEH!

Every year I convince myself I'm going to be organised about my party. This time I started organising a month in advance. Didn't work too well! But no matter, I got something organised, and the result was a great party with the people that I love, and I had so much fun! We sat and ate pizza, talked a lot, I went into childish 10-year-old mode for the former part of the evening, my wonderful friends gave beautiful cards, we snuggled, we watched Harry Potter and the Philosopher's stone... we tried to light Chinese Sky lanterns and still couldn't do it after getting through two boxes of matches and asking a smoker for his lighter to try and get it up!

Some left but the rest of us had a sleepover and stayed up late and slept uncomfortably and then woke up this morning and we had more fun :D. There was no alcohol (I wanted the fun with friends to be sober!) but we played and Facebooked and looked at videos and piccies and balloon-fighted and snuggled and ate and just generally had a world of fun. Wednesday to Sunday has been the most amazing (*counts in head...*) five days of my life :D.

So I'm finally sixteen, and I feel so happy, and I feel so awesome; I was just genuinely so excited and happy to have all the people that I love there for my sixteenth birthday party, it was just so brilliant!

AIEEEE <3. I'm so happy.

Oh, and this is mostly for reference in case anyone asks, also to catalogue it in my head, but this is what I got for my birthday and my party:

  • A squidgy furry ball thing
  • A soroban
  • A foot-long bar of chocolate
  • A box of Guylians
  • Season 4 of Prisonbreak
  • A mini air hockey table
  • Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire in French (believe it or not I actually wanted the french Harry Potter and got it completely by chance by someone to whom I'd never mentioned it!)
  • Okamiden, the DS game sequel to Okami <3 (I'm stuck already :(...)
  • A Michael McIntyre DVD (the comedian.)
  • A very sexy Trilby hat, a blue jacket, three awesome shirts and jeans
  • An adorable blue sparkly fashion scarf
  • A beautiful teddy bear who I named Amadeus, Ama for short.
  • So many beautiful, amazing cards <3
  • The presence of my best friends on my birthday. That was present enough <3 :D

~Loads and loads and loads of love from Leonidas

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