Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Harold Camping - God, you're a wasteful bastard

One reason I'm not huge on getting into pure political debates is because it's full of people dead-convinced that they have the answer to running this country successfully and that our Prime Minister is a toshpot - the same in America - it's the old "Cameron/Clegg/Obama are wasting their money on Resource X when they should be spending money on Resource Y". You know, that really irritates me. But right now, I feel no shame in writing this post and doing pretty much the same thing. But can anyone blame me, when people are still donating money to HAROLD FUCKING CAMPING?

So I'm sure you've all heard of Camping's two failed predictions this year, and those of you who read up a little more will know he made two other failed predictions previously, bringing his grand total up to four epic failures. And the real teeth-grinding faceplant is that this nonagenarian moron is getting donations to his organisation. To do what? To cure cancer, you say? To fight the progression of Alzheimers? To help unprivileged children in Rwanda? To provide asylum for displaced refugees? No, so Camping can put thousands more billboards up and keep his Family Radio going.

As I said at the start, I hate to cross my own standards and go ranting about how money should and should not be spent, but on Harold Camping, seriously? Even after four failures this guy is getting money? There are SO many things that people could spend money on that don't involve a ninety year old fart who doesn't know where to call it quits.

At the very least, we at Leonidas industries are delighted to report that Camping and various other eschatological numerological idiots throughout history received an Ig Nobel prize for teaching the world to be careful about how you make mathematical assumptions and calculations.

~Love and raeg from Leonidas

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