Sunday, 18 September 2011

Work Experience

I was at a sleepover yesterday, so, this will be a day late, but I promsied a post on Work Experience :).

For anyone unfamiliar with the Work Ex (hereby known as wex) system, it works (hurr hurr) like this: Year 11 (10th grade) students get two weeks in which they try out a job, which they'll've previously applied for with the business in question, or done a private placement. So I got a pretty good deal and ended up in a library in a local college.

Let me tell you something. Leonidas: scared of public transport. So when it turned out I'ma be riding the bus to and home every day... nah, I got used to it. It doesn't bother me at all now, it's just a pain if I want to find the times et al. for a different place. Oh wow, my hair is stiff (sorry, just at the time got back from being out when it was PISSING it down with rain...)

The first day? MANIC. And yes, I did just use capital letters, bold, italic and underline in one go. You'd think from that that it was some kind of hell on Earth, but no, it wasn't THAT bad, it was just so fucking busy and I was thrown in at the deep end. I was told to stand behind the desk and wait... yeah, I waited about an hour before Cathie, the woman who was the supervisor for my wex, managed to find time to come over and give me an introduction. To credit her, she was fucking busy. There were so many people and there was so much to do, so I don't blame her or Collette, the other supervisor, at all for my not getting a proper induction. It was still a bit crazy though.

The other proper employee is Paul, a somewhat quiet but friendly bloke in the fifties-area who manages the IT area and it transpired eventually didn't know a whole lot about the library system itself XD. The IT area is actually pretty big in comparison to the book section. They have loads of computers and one relatively small area full of books. Fiction took up just two shelves. Depressing, eh?

The first guy I really got talking with was Luke, the apprentice there, who's about 19 if I remember correctly, and had worked there a month when I first got there. Then there was Charlton, the other apprentice... well, he was a riot :D. I liked him a lot.

The work was at times very dull, but usually it was okay, and the weeks went quickly! The work was things such as adding books onto the system, editing their information, adding labels/stamps/stickers etc., sending off rejects to a charity, shelving returned, fixed and new books, really just the kind of things you'd expect of a librarian. It wasn't too demanding, and even when it was busy it wasn't that bad.

So overall? Two weeks well spent! Hope anyone else also doing wex had a good time ;).

~Love Leonidas

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