Saturday, 24 September 2011

The road to recognition

So I've been on the internet for a long time now. I was a bit of a lonely kid when I was younger. Those statements sound completely unrelated, but bear with me on this one.

Basically, when I was just a tiny, adorable little kiddy (well, a tiny little kiddy anyway :D) I wanted badly to be recognised. The expression "Be careful what you wish for" comes neatly into play here, given that I now am well known in my school but for the wrong reason XD. But that wasn't the point. Or maybe it was.


One way I tried when I was young to gain recognition was through the Internet. I would see what other people did and attempt to imitate it, for instance, when I saw how people became famous from YouTube, I tried to do that myself. I have two accounts and it's been months since I've uploaded a video on the one I use; I usually just cannot be bothered to make videos. Perhaps it's not for me!

Blogging is also something that I do in the hopes of attracting a willing audience, but the difference is that I got into blogging and found myself really enjoying it, and I can easily commit to updating Ruminidas. Plus, videos are much more laborious, writing is so much more fun <3.

I think, in my own opinion, many if not most people do things like blogging, YouTube, podcasts, things like that for the same reason I did; they see people shoot to fame through those media, they want it to happen themselves so they attempt to penetrate the world of social media. To whatever extent, I'd guess this sums up a lot of people. It doesn't mean they don't do it because they enjoy it, because most of us enjoy whatever the hell it is we do, but there's always the slim possibility that it might reap great benefits in the future.

Of course, with our terrible instinct for probability, we don't tend to figure out just how hard it can be to achieve fame even on the internet until we make a concerted effort ourselves. Some are lucky - Justin Bieber, - for one thing or another that makes them a huge hit with the audience. Some are both skilled and lucky - Alex Day - and are good at what they do plus they have something that sets them apart and again makes them a huge hit. Some just work really hard at it and eventually get it.

Whatever the reason, the road to recognition is a rocky one.

~Love Leonidas

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