Monday, 4 July 2011


The day of the moon. Moon day. Monday. Hellday.

I know I'm not the only one who wants to punch Mondays in the face. Just why does everyone hate them so much?

For starters, it's the beginning of a new week after a weekend of recuperation, usually - depending on your profession - spent relaxing. The drag of another five day torture is heralded by Mondays.

For others, it's the simple fact that it's a Monday. It needs no explanation, you just wake up in the morning and say "Urrrghhhh, shit, it's Monday", and you just know it's gonna be a bad day. And we usually twist the day in such a way so that we can say that oh look, we were right, Monday was a crap day.

Some days, we can look back on Monday and reflect that actually, there were some nice things that happened. Other times, Mondays really are just plain miserable (but we often ignore the faults of the rest of the week.)

As it stands, today wasn't exactly a wonderful Monday, but I wouldn't have called it shit. Sure, it was sweltering hot, I was tired, thirsty, and ICT was a drag, but ICT is always a drag, it's summer so of course it's hot, and when you sleep as late as I do, you're going to be tired. But Critical Thinking was interesting, Business Studies was just fine, and PE, though exhausting, wasn't actually that bad. Science is always amusing with my teacher!

We all love to complain about Moanday (yes, that was deliberate.) Maybe we should all think about the good things that come at the beginning of the Gregorian week... or just accept that life's shit and stop blaming it on the day of the moon.


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